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our focus is on our Community and Humanitarian Programs for the Children and their families.
Educational and entertainment services, namely, conducting programs featuring recreational activities, Sporting Events, Outreach Community Programs, Higher Educational Programs, literacy training, Art events, and Major Sporting with advance training... and assistance for College Profiles events for the children and SO MUCH MORE Working Together to Build a Brighter Future

All 4 U Preparatory Academy K-12


Offering Advance Education and More opportunities for our Children

All 4 U 
Youth Sports Program

Offering Camps, Advance programs to assist our Youth to reach their Goals and succeed

All 4 U
will be posted on its own page soon

To Assist Our Communities'

Estate living Trust

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Are you in need of Court assistance

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Financial Investments

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Are you seeking to build capital

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Court of Chancery Sample ONLY

Issuing summons, subpoenas, and other writs


Each Copy                                          $25

Furnishing advertisements to publisher


Filing Bond


Any Court proceeding scheduled upon request of a party, whether in-person or telephonic


per day

Filing a New Case or Petition


with three or more defendants             $450
Asserting Class Action                           $600
10 or more                                                $850

Amended Complaint


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MOTION or application for expedited Proceeding


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Trust Bond


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